Groupe ADP selects SSP as joint venture partner to develop more than 100 food and beverage units at Paris airports

Following a successful public consultation, Groupe ADP has selected SSP as joint venture partner to improve the hospitality and retail experience for passengers at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports. As a leading operator of food and beverage concessions in travel locations worldwide, SSP stood apart for its operational experience and know-how.

The partnership will see Groupe ADP and SSP develop and operate the majority of food and beverage outlets within both airports, with a focus on continual improvement of the passenger experience.

More than 100 units are expected to be developed at the two Paris locations during the 11- year partnership, [achieving an estimated €1.8 billion in turnover]. Groupe ADP and SSP will share ownership of the units following approval by competition authorities, and will work together to build a strong brand portfolio while continuing to modernise and invest in its existing outlets at the airports.

The new joint venture and partnership with SSP will allow Groupe ADP to strengthen its integrated model and unite the commercial offer across its terminals, in order to continue providing its passengers with a unique and high-quality experience.