Menu Creation

Once the catering specification for a route is determined, Chef David Small works closely with the client’s catering team to create menus to best suit the operation.

We take into account local features of routes, for example traditions and recipes associated with particular areas, helping to show relevant provenance to the end customer.

We recommend locally farmed and produced products and we major on having low food miles and clear provenance. We only propose the use of free range eggs, and all meat and fish is from sustainable sources.

Menus are generally designed to rotate on a regular basis to ensure regular passengers have a varied choice of dishes. Depending on the circumstances, changes are recommended to the overall menu range at least twice a year, in summer and winter, so as to benefit from seasonal choices of vegetables and appropriate recipe selections.

About Us

Our vision is to be the “On-board Partner of Choice”, working together with railway companies across Europe and beyond .

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