Supply System

Our integrated rg-i supply system is specifically designed for train catering. It ensures accurate and transparent control of millions of products moving across the rail network on a daily basis.

rg-i processes the vast amount of data involved in supplying products to thousands of trains operating every week, irrespective of volume and operating conditions.

rg-i assists with every step of the catering service, from choosing the right product, understanding ingredients, creating menus right through to showing on-board staff how to present the product to the customer.

Through rg-i we offer electronic ordering, a virtual 'train-side handshake', interactive EPoS, cashless payment, a pre-order facility and a business enhancing dashboard results service.

rg-i is the rail catering system for the 21st century and is available exclusively through RG.

About Us

Our vision is to be the “On-board Partner of Choice”, working together with railway companies across Europe and beyond .

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