SSP extends relationship with Stockholm Arlanda and Gothenburg Landvetter Airports in new deals to operate 18 F&B and convenience store outlets

SSP Group has agreed a new deal which will see it open a total of 18 F&B and convenience store outlets at Stockholm Arlanda and Gothenburg Landvetter Airports.

Across all five of Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s terminals, the new outlets are a meticulously curated mix of renowned international brands, bespoke concepts tailored exclusively for the airport, and on-trend local names, designed to appeal to a new generation of traveller. The new units are scheduled to begin opening from summer 2023.

Arlanda has a clearly defined vision of the future customer journey, and SSP’s offer has been shaped to meet the needs of an evolving passenger demographic. With families (who now travel all year and not just during holiday seasons), and leisure travellers in younger age groups accounting for an ever-larger percentage of passengers, SSP has developed a new approach to F&B brand development.

Casual dining concept Eatery Garden provides food choices that will appeal to a number of travelling groups including families with children as well as passengers travelling in larger parties. This is also the only unit at Stockholm Arlanda Airport airside that operates 24/7.

A food market area named Sky Market has been designed to meet the ever-diversifying needs of travellers and will allow passengers to choose from a range of international food options, from Mexican-inspired Taco Bar to spicy Middle Eastern restaurant Mezefabriken and more. With a strong range of grab and go items, the Sky Market provides an attractive alternative to on-board offers.

SSP’s offer has been designed to support the sustainability aspirations of Stockholm Arlanda, which is one of the first airports in Europe to achieve net zero CO2 emissions. This is particularly well illustrated at Cornelius Coffee, which features recycled elements and furniture incorporated throughout the layout. Cornelius Coffee provides passengers with a local, Swedish experience at Arlanda, appealing to a new style of traveller seeking more personal, locally-relevant experiences throughout their airport journey. The brand will also be introduced at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport.

In addition, SSP will be introducing Jureskogs as the future of fast food for passengers travelling through Arlanda. An up-and-coming Swedish name which is famed for providing ‘fast food but not junk food’, its menu has been developed around the concept that tastier food at a more affordable price shouldn’t be impossible to come by. The unit is designed using warm-coloured Swedish wood, evocative of the ambience of a Scandinavian forest in summer. With its relaxed vibe, Jureskogs is perfect for ‘hanging out’ with friends and family and allows visitors to get to know a truly local, Swedish favourite.

Throughout the airport, the F&B offer will feature strong digital elements, meeting the fast-evolving expectations from passengers for seamless, easy, digitalised options. Self-checkout and digital payment options will be available at a number of outlets, including the self-service concept TakeAway Mart. A QR-code based order-at-table solution will be available at restaurant Upstairs & Bar. Similarly, passengers will be able to order through an app, either by scanning a product themselves or by selecting a preferred item on their device at outlets including Craft n’ Draft, a ‘bar/kitchen’ concept from the north of Sweden.

At Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, SSP will be opening premium hamburger concept Bastard Burger, which is a favourite brand across Sweden. SSP has also developed a new coffee concept for the airport called Fika, which has been designed to evoke authentic Swedish café culture.

Björn Olsson, managing director at SSP Sweden, said; “The SSP story began in Scandinavia back in 1961, making these new ventures with Stockholm Arlanda and Gothenberg Landvetter Airports a particularly gratifying next page of our history in this all-important region. Throughout a number of decades, we have built a strong relationship with the team at Arlanda and Landvetter. This has enabled us to truly understand their needs and those of their customers to create a food and beverage offer that will appeal today as well as in years to come. Travellers now want the digital convenience they have come to expect as standard in their everyday lives to be reflected in their experience at the airport. Brands that have sustainability at their core, utilising locally sourced products where possible are also provided to meet the fast-growing needs of consumers looking to limit their impact on the environment.”

Charlotte Ljunggren, Director of Marketing and Sales at Swedavia, said; “The 18 new restaurants, bars and cafés opening at Arlanda will play a major role in this exciting new marketplace area currently being developed in collaboration with SSP. The first section of this new space is planned to open in the summer of 2023.

“When the area is ready to open in 2024, the marketplace will measure approximately 11,000 square meters. With restaurants appealing to a variety of tastes and needs, SSP has curated a range of fine dining and casual eating concepts alongside cafés and grab and go units, designed to achieve exactly this. The selection of Swedish staples along with international favourites, will be located alongside dedicated promotional and events areas which will doubtless be a major upgrade in the airport experience for our travellers.

“We have a long-standing relationship with SSP and are thrilled to see this continued investment to develop their concepts at both Arlanda and Landvetter. This is a wonderful next step in our relationship with SSP, working together to offer travellers an even larger and wider selection of F&B options, appealing to new and changing traveller demographics in a modern, vibrant environment.”

The full list of brands being brought to Stockholm Arlanda Airport by SSP are:

  • Jureskogs
  • Upstairs & Bar
  • Cornelius Coffee
  • Sky Market
  • Barino Café
  • Barino Restaurant
  • Eatery
  • Take Away Mart
  • Hawaii Poké
  • Eatery Garden
  • Craft n’ Draft
  • Panini Internazionale
  • Taco Bar
  • Mezefabriken
  • Pong Express

The full list of brands being brought to Gothenberg Landvetter by SSP are:

  • Bastard Burger
  • Fika
  • Barino
  • Bistro
  • Cornelius Coffee